Lakeside Village RV Resort

Rules and Regulations

The management of Lakeside Village has final approval on all Recreational Vehicles (seasonal or annual) moving into the park.

  • Only two (2) vehicles permitted per site.
  • Parking of boats/trailers, too large to fit within the boundaries of your lot is available at an additional charge.
  • Reservation cancellations made 60 days prior to the date of arrival will result in a full credit of deposit, which can be used for a future stay.  Cancellations made less than 60 days prior to arrival will result in forfeit of any deposit.
  • Quiet times in the park are from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am daily.

The following rules and regulations are for all guests of Lakeside Village RV Park. To preserve the park’s facilities and to ensure a pleasant guest experience, we ask each resident to comply with these rules and regulations in order to create a compatible community in which we can all be proud.

If you are staying six months or longer, you may be subject to a long-term stay agreement.

No tents allowed. All units are required to have sewer seal. All units, 10 years or older, must be approved by the office, utility and/or motorcycle trailers are not permitted, except for loading and unloading.

Call 911 in any emergency: Fire, Police or Ambulance.

The maximum speed limit is 10 miles per hour. Vehicles must be operated in a safe, courteous and cautious manner at all times. Please respect the speed limit and all informational signs as they are for the safety and benefit of everyone in the park. Pedestrians, golf carts and bicycles have the right of way. No unlicensed vehicles can be left on sites. Only two vehicles are
allowed per site. Mini Bikes and motorcycles may not be driven in the park, except for entering and exiting the park.

Repairing of automobiles, trucks, trailers, RVs, boats or similar equipment is not permitted in the park. Oil changing is not allowed. RV washing is permitted upon request.

Trash must be placed in a plastic bag and taken to the dumpsters. Do not leave your trash outside.

Bicycles may be driven only on the streets, and pedestrians always have the right of way. Bicycles and golf carts must be equipped with lights after dark. The use of helmets is required for all cyclists under the ages of 16 by Florida Law.

No campfires are allowed within the park. Charcoal or propane grills with screens may be used for cooking.

All applicable federal and state of Florida laws concerning the possession, handling and use of firearms shall be obeyed. No BB or air guns, sling shots, or bow and arrows are permitted. No fireworks are permitted.

For rental terms for sites of less than six (6) months, rents are non-refundable for early departure.

No advertising in windows or on your site is allowed, including RV or camper “for sale” signs.

No exotic pets (reptiles, domesticated wild or farm animals) are permitted. No aggressive breeds are allowed including American bulldogs, doberman pinschers, Stafford terriers, huskies, rottweilers, chows, akitas, presa canaries, german shepherds, pit bulls, wolf-hybrids and any other breed as determined by the Park Manager. Pets are limited to two (2), including cats.
Pets must be leashed outdoors and the owners are responsible to clean-up. Dogs must not exceed 50 lbs. Continual barking or disruption from pets will not be tolerated! Pets must follow all leash laws.

You must have a 4” threaded or airtight donut type and must be supported off the ground. No storing or dumping of hazardous
liquids on ground or in sewer.

Please keep your site neat and free of clutter with no inside furniture outside, debris, appliances, coolers or trash. Any decks, sunrooms or other structures must be approved by Management and local code. Boats and trailers must be on your own lot. Please do not park any motorized vehicles on the patio. All skirting of units must be vinyl and no plastic sheds are allowed.

Do not dig prior to receiving Management’s permission. You will be responsible for damage of underground utilities.

Management reserves the right to change these rules at their discretion without notice. Management shall make every effort to enforce the Rules and Regulations equally and promptly. However, guests and visitors agree that enforcement is a private matter between Management and visitor/guest. The enforcement or lack thereof, will not result in any damage or claim by any guest/visitor against the Campground or Management, or constitute a waiver of the Campground’s right to enforce the Rules & Regulations